Mardi 27 Juil. 2021 - 10:19

Groupe de travail GN3+



RENATER is an active participant in the European GÉANT research network. The GN3plus development project aims to ensure high-quality network services and user facilities as part of GÉANT.

European collaboration

French higher education and research institutions benefit from the ICT facilities provided by RENATER. However, education and research do not stop at national borders : international cooperation is increasing, meaning that high-quality ICT facilities are also needed at international level.


GÉANT contains 41 national research networks (NRENs) that facilitate cooperation within Europe by means of a high-quality European research and education network. These network connections are among the most advanced in the world, and are also linked to 65 countries outside of Europe.

Contribution to European e-infrastructure

Through its work, GÉANT reaches 10,000 organisations and 50 million users in Europe, making a significant contribution to European e-infrastructure, the competitive position of Europe and the achievement of the European targets under the Digital Agenda and Horizon 2020.


Since 2013, the GN3plus project has been developing high-quality ICT services for European research and education institutions that use the GÉANT network. One example is eduGAIN, which interconnects Europe’s various national identity-management federations.
Many developments are currently underway in the field of mobile technology and cloud computing. Cooperation in these areas is producing valuable user facilities, a process that RENATER is helping to guide and manage.


GÉANT and GN3plus receive funding from the European Union.